Advertiser Prices

   Box  63mm x 63mm £28.33

1-8 Page 132mm x 24mm £37.50

1-4 Page 132mm x  47mm £47.50

1-3 Page 132mm x 65mm £66.67

1-2 Page 132mm x 97mm £82.50

Full Page 132mm x 196mm £113.33

All prices are plus VAT.

You can order by clicking here.

Or Phone 02392 550 262

The Advertiser is now in its 62nd year of publication 


8000 Advertiser's are Produced Every Month

and are distributed via 64 outlets

throughout Lee-on-the-Solent, Stubbington, Hill Head,

Titchfield and increasingly,

more areas in Gosport and Fareham.

Also door-to-door in Cherque Farm  & Stubbington

The Advertiser set's a side a large amount of the magazine to local groups and charities so they can advertise their events free of charge.

Because of the unique way the Advertiser is distributed a larger percentage of the magazines are being picked up and read.